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KITTEN_Sensitivities Grain-free Chicken Complete Health Formula

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2kg packaging, easy to store, fresh and crispy taste.

All orders are shipped in 2kg packaging, which is easy to store. It can be opened and consumed individually, ensuring a fresh and crispy taste. It is resistant to moisture and spoilage.

For example, if you purchase 8kg, it will be shipped in 4 packages of 2kg each.


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    Every 2kg sold, we donate 1kg to local cattery

    ❝ You give chicken and I give soy sauce ❞

    For every 2kg sold, we will donate 1kg to local stray cat shelters (a total of 85,140 meals donated). The more support we receive for the ANiMEAL concept, the more cat food we can donate and become self-sustainable. Not only will our own pets eat well, but also stray cats and shelters will have a healthy diet.

    We would also like to thank all the owners and volunteers for their positive feedback on ANiMEAL! (≧∀≦)ゞ

    Donation report: [link](

    _40% high-quality crude protein + 19% high-quality crude fat, supporting the high nutritional needs of kittens during the developmental stage
    _Using 60% fresh chicken from Europe, with high meat content, based on fresh meat to provide excellent high protein and fat
    _Low sensitivity formula, grain-free, with a single source of protein
    _17 superfoods, rich in nutrients, for all-round balanced development
    _Golden ratio of Omega 3 and 6, contributing to shiny fur
    _Reduces unpleasant odor in feces
    _Helps strengthen joint development
    _Promotes a healthy gut and intestinal function
    _Carefully selected high-quality European ingredients, with transparent sourcing of ingredients
    _No artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives used

    _High-quality cat food made in Europe
    _Compliant with the nutritional regulation of AAFCO
    _FSSC 22000 food safety system certified

    Fresh chicken meat (30%), dried chicken (30%), hydrolysed chicken protein, poultry fat, potato, peas, hydrolysed chicken liver, minerals, salmon oil, linseed, inulin (source of FOS), nettle, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E (α-Tocopheryl Acetate), Echinacea, tomato, mango, prunes, taurine, banana, thyme, basil, spirulina, cranberry, yucca schidigera, chondroitin sulphate, glucosamine.

    Nutrition Summary/
    Crude protein: Min. 40.0%
    Crude fat: Min. 19.0%
    Crude fibre: Max. 3.0%
    Ash: Max. 9.4%
    Humidity: Max. 10.0%
    Calcium: Min. 1.7%
    Phosphorus: Min. 1.1%
    Omega-3 fatty acids: Ave. 0.7%
    Omega-6 fatty acids: Ave. 3%
    Calorie Content: 4082 kcal/kg

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    7-Days RETURN/

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    Free Sample Pack 60g - Comprehensive Formula of Hypoallergenic Grain-Free Chicken for Kittens
    KITTEN_Sensitivities Grain-free Chicken Complete Health Formula
    KITTEN_Sensitivities Grain-free Chicken Complete Health Formula
    KITTEN_Sensitivities Grain-free Chicken Complete Health Formula
    KITTEN_Sensitivities Grain-free Chicken Complete Health Formula
    KITTEN_Sensitivities Grain-free Chicken Complete Health Formula
    KITTEN_Sensitivities Grain-free Chicken Complete Health Formula
    KITTEN_Sensitivities Grain-free Chicken Complete Health Formula
    FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $400
    "FurryFIRST Guarantee" with 7days full refund
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    Where is ANiMEAL pet food produced and where are the ingredients sourced from?

    ANiMEAL pet food is a high-quality Hong Kong brand, and the products are manufactured in Europe. For example, fresh chicken is sourced from the Netherlands/Belgium/Germany, salmon is sourced from Norway, and tomatoes, mangoes, plums, and bananas are sourced from Europe. This ensures the origin and quality of the ingredients, providing reassurance for feeding and enjoyment during mealtime.

    If my cat is currently eating a different brand of food, how can I help my cat transition to ANiMEAL pet food?

    If you plan to introduce ANiMEAL pet food to your furry friend, it is important to slowly and patiently guide your cat to accept the new food to avoid any digestive issues. Start by mixing a small amount of the new food with the current food, gradually increasing the proportion over several days. Monitor your cat's weight and overall health to ensure they are receiving sufficient nutrition. Also, make sure to store the food in a cool, dry place and check the expiration date before feeding. Additionally, consult your veterinarian regarding your cat's specific nutritional needs to ensure the food you are feeding meets their age, weight, and health condition.

    Is ANiMEAL pet food vacuum-sealed

    ANiMEAL pet food is not vacuum-sealed. To maintain optimal freshness, our food is packaged in aluminum foil bags, which help prevent oxygen from entering or exiting. Once the bag is sealed, oxygen cannot enter or escape. The remaining oxygen level in the bag depends on whether our exhaust system has removed all the air (it's not actually vacuum-sealed). The amount of air in the packaging may vary depending on factors such as the consistency of the food, temperature, and how it is packed. Some packages may appear more vacuum-sealed, while others may not, but we assure you that the food inside each bag is equally fresh.

How long can ANiMEAL dry pet food be stored after opening?

    ANiMEAL dry pet food can be stored for up to 18 months when unopened. Once opened, it is best to consume it within three months, and remember to store it in a cool, dry place!